Work & Achievements

Work & Achievements
    Website design
    Point-of-Sale prototype
    Object Oriented Modelling
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Website design Screen shots    
  • John Molson School of Business exchange program website redesign prototype 

    Status: Accepted and will implemented by their IT dept.
  • Our Design : JMSB Exchange
  • Concordia's IT dept. new design displaying some of our design features: JMSB Exchange   
  • Helem organization , (cross-browsers/OS compatibility and implementation of a news archive  with pnp/mysql)


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Academic Project "DSS/ES" -2004
  Auto Advisor Expert Sys
  • Sample Expert Questions:

  • Sample Customer choice results:
  • Alternative Expert results:

Academic: System Analysis and Design 2003   "Point-of-Sale prototype"
  • Customer Interface:
  • Manager/Employee Interface:

  • Membership or Frequent Shopper:
  • Phone Order Member Search Form

  • Order Form
  • Payment Form

  • Crystal Reports

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Object Oriented Analysis & Design -UML designed with Rational Rose
  • Sample Use Case Diagram (laboratory System)

  • Sample Class Diagram
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